5 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings This Spring-Summer 2013

5 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings This Spring-Summer 2013

Even though it’s still quite cold here in Toronto, the spring has officially arrived. For most of us, it means that it’s time to revise our wardrobes and, possibly, style things up with a few new items. Given the popularity the leggings theme, I decided to do a post on how to wear leggings this Spring-Summer 2013. The post will give you some insights on current fashion trends, and how to incorporate those trends into outfits with leggings. Here come 5 different outfit ideas on what to wear with leggings this spring and summer.

Pastels. Pastel colors continue to be trendy this season, and this trend is easy to adopt when you are trying to create an interesting outfit with leggings. Beige, turquoise, light coral, lavender, baby blue, mint – these are the colors which go really well with each other. As you can see, in this set I have combined beige leggings with light coral sleeveless shirt. Striped jacket – another trendy item – will come really handy when the weather is not as hot as we wish it to be. Bright colored accessories add a little bit of extra chic to this outfit.

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 - Pastels

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 – Pastels


Bright color blocking. Personally, I love to experiment with color blocking. Bright color combinations such as purple and emerald, fuchsia and red, fuchsia and green, cobalt and yellow, purple and orange are among my favorites. In this set, purple leggings look really chic when combined with emerald oversized knit top. Add to this color blocking clutch, long necklace and leather jacket, and you get yourself super trendy, and casual at the same time, outfit. Have I mentioned that bright colors are in style this season?

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 - Color Blocking

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 – Color Blocking


Clashing prints. Clashing prints is another fashion trend for spring-summer 2013, that you might want to experiment with. In this set, leopard mini skirt is combined with geometrical printed tee. As you can see, the colors of these two items match, and this is one of the secret of successful prints mixing. Small details such as brown belt, red tote and black neckline on the tee make this outfit complete (I like how the black neckline matches the black leggings). Black fitted jacket adds some needed classiness to the outfit – as a result, the outfit looks super elegant and trendy.

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 - Mixing Prints

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 – Mixing Prints


Far East Trend. Far East Trend is one of the hottest fashion trends 2013. In this set I have combined leggings with Sakura blossom tunic dress and bomber jacket. Bright accessories of the trendy yellow add some spiciness to the outfit.

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 - Far East Print

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 – Far East Print


Bold prints. If you do not want to experiment with mixing prints or color blocking you can go for items where the work has been done for you. There are plenty of boldly printed tunics to choose from.  Just combine them with matching color leggings, and you get yourself a trendy outfit for the season.

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 - Bold Printed Tunics

How to Wear Leggings Summer 2013 – Bold Printed Tunics


I hope that this post has given you some useful insights on current fashion trends and stylish ways to wear leggings this Spring-Summer 2013. These sets are suitable for spring because they contain ideas on what kind of outwear will go well with leggings outfits. The same ideas without outwear will work for hot summer days. Make sure to check out the most recent post on ways to wear leggings.

All sets used in this post were created by Chicous via www.polyvore.com

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  1. Jennifer Bozzo

    I love wearing leggings, especially in the spring time. I have never seen pastel leggings, but the outfit you put together looked amazing! I was wondering where you suggest finding a pair? The only colors I have recently seen are black, brown, and grey, but I would love a pair of beige leggings!

    1. Post author

      Hello Jennifer,
      Thanks a lot for reading chicous.com and for the question. The ones that I used in the set in this post are actually leather leggings. You are absolutely right! When you mentioned this, I started searching for beige leggings, and could not find any. Couple of beige leggings which I was able to found were actually from U.K. online stores. I found these pistachio jeans leggings which look really nice, which are, again, sold at U.K. online store; and this store has a pretty nice selection of pastel http://www.stylebop.com/. So, Jennifer, if you come across an online store where you find some pastel leggings – let us know! I am pretty sure that there will be more readers who would want to get a pair;)

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