5 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings – Celebrities Inspired!

5 Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings – Celebrities Inspired!

Here I am – finally making my comeback to fashion blogging (yay!) with a new post on leggings. We all know that leggings going out of style would be an equivalent of saying boots are going out of style. Whether leggings are still in style is not really a question anymore. We just keep inventing new ways to wear leggings. Today we will turn to celebrities for inspiration


Paris Hilton has never been my personal style icon but I found this non-casual way to wear leggings brilliant. If you have a really fancy black little dress (or tuxedo jacket or mini dress that looks like tuxedo) in your closet but you are hesitant to wear it as is, add leggings and heels to it and you get yourself a party-worthy outfit. Make sure leggings are a great quality, not the ones you lounge around in when at home.


Paris Hilton Wearing Leggings


Here is another way to wear leggings if you’ve gotten a fancy-looking top and a mini-skirt. Natalia Vodyanova chose to “play it down” by sticking to all black outfit – this is the key here.


Natalia Vodianova Wearing Leggings


All-black-leggings outfit comes from model Daria Werbowy – leather leggings with over-the-knee boots is really a killer outfit that only the boldest of us will dare to replicate.

Daria Werbowy Wearing Leather Leggings with over-the-knee boots


Leggings that look like jeans (aka jeggings) is the staple of any stylish gal’s wardrobe. Easy and effortless way to wear them is with your favorite neutral color light sweater and some fancy looking boots. Honestly – can’t go wrong with this leggins outfit idea!

Rosie Huntington Wearing Jeggings


Ever wondered what to wear with colored suede leggings? Look no further than this great leggings outfit idea! Victoria Beckham really rocked em by pairing leggings with heels, black t-shirt and black fancy jacket.

Victoria Beckham Wearing Suede Leggins


These are 5 stylish new ways to wear leggings this season and I cannot wait to try them all. Should probably go and check out my closet for the presence of some of the items there! What about you? If you found inspiration in these outfits please share the post and leave your comments!

Source of featured image and images used in the post: http://www.stylebistro.com

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