Looking back I realize that my fashionista’s soul started shaping right in my childhood when I was drawing some clothing designs sketches, and then created clothes for my Barbie dolls. My sense of style was influenced a lot by my mother who managed to be stylish during the period of high-quality clothes scarcity. My mother could sew, she created her own stylish clothing, and that was inspiring. In my teenage years, I was not immune to peer influence in terms of what kind of clothes was cool, but at the same time I wanted to nourish my own sense of style. I remember I liked to borrow some pieces of clothing from my mom’s and my brother’s wardrobe, and created my own inimitable outfits by combining those pieces.

It took me a while to realize that doing something fashion-related is what “gives me wings”. At the same time I have always loved writing. Creating and managing my own fashion blog helped me combine both passions and learn so much more.  I have also taken a course from London College of Fashion, which gave me some more insights on fashion trends prediction and on how fashion industry works. I will be delighted to share with you everything I know about fashion and style and everything exciting I find on other fashion websites. I really hope you enjoy your stay on this fashion blog!