Burberry Prorsum Fall-Winter 2014-2014 Fashion Show – Video

Burberry Prorsum Fall-Winter 2014-2014 Fashion Show – Video

Burberry Prorsum Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection was all about bohemian looks with lots of layering and pattern mixing, including folkloric and art-inspired prints. There was also some impressive clashing of different styles, such as combining light bohemian dress with a shearling.

Among the trends for the Fall-Winter 2014-2014 seasons are: printed trenches, below-the-knee flow-y skirts and dresses, shearlings and big hand-painted purses. Blankets over shoulders seem as a huge trend for the Fall 2014, sported in many designer collections. Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 collection features tapestry blankets with ethnic-tribal theme. Personally, I like the collection, especially the fresh “reading” of classy trench. Flow-y, light dresses and lots of layering are something that we could definitely experiment with in the upcoming season. Muted colors, such as light pink, light blue, brown, khaki, beige we have seen in Burberry collection, is another trend of the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season.

Looks like shearlings are going to be huge for the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 season. Who wouldn’t want an item such as shearling that is trendy, warm and wearable?!

The video is definitely worth watching; the opening, the collection itself and the music are beautiful!

Source of featured image: www.style.com

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