Fall-Winter 2013 Fashion Trends: What Are the Trendiest Colors This Season?

Fall-Winter 2013 Fashion Trends: What Are the Trendiest Colors This Season?

Fall is the season when we get to experience the variety and beauty of so many different colors, presented to us by nature. Nature gives us so many color ideas – from bright red to velvety orange, from rich blue to luxurious mustard. All these colors and so many more have been favored by major fashion houses for fall-winter 2012-2013. If you need to add some color to your wardrobe, this post on color trends 2012-2013 is for you. If you have been wondering what are the trendiest colors of this season, and how to wear them, keep reading.

Undoubtedly, black color has been favored the most by fashion designers this season ( David Koma, Salvatore Ferragamo.Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Trussardi, DKNY just to name a few).  You can definitely pull off a dramatic look of all-in-black lady, or you can mix black color with some bright colors for creating interesting looks. Black is luxurious, yet basic, color which means it goes well with every other possible color and hue. Among other trendy basic colors are white, brown and grey this season. That is why you will see that I use these colors in my sets to illustrate how they can work together with bright colors.

For example, in this outfit black dress is combined with purple coat. I love black-and-purple combination, since it looks ultra-trendy, luxurious and chic. Have I mentioned that all possible hues of purple are back in style this season?


Color Trends 2012-2013

Here is another example of how one of the trendy colors can be easily combined with black. It is not very surprising that orange is one of the trendiest colors of the season.  There is no better season than fall that allows you to enjoy different variations of orange.


Color Trends 2012-2013

“Red wine” color is big this season. As you can see from this set, it is perfect for creating a romantic and feminine look. “Red wine” color works exceptionally well with basic colors such as chocolate and black.


Color Trends 2012-2013

Different hues of blue are also among the trendiest colors of fall-winter 2012-2013. In this set beige and light brown colors accentuate the richness of cobalt blue even further. One way to pull off an unforgettable look is to go for jacket and pants of the same bright color, as it was done in this set.


Color Trends 2012-2013

White color has also been favored by many fashion designers this season. If you are buying something white this season, you are definitely making a great wardrobe investment since white never goes out of style. White-and-black prints, similar to the one presented in this set, are also one of the hits of the season. Red is another super trendy color of the season. You can always go for some bright red accessories to add some color to your outfit.


Color Trends 2012-2013

Emerald has conquered the runways this season. I particularly love this set, since it skillfully combines several major trends of fall-winter 2012-2013: folk cape, emerald color, graphic checks and metallic python on the purse. Not that I am a big fan of collecting all the possible fashion trends in one outfit, but I believe that all these trends has worked together really well here.


Color Trends 2012-2013

Mustard is another trendy color of the season, and in this set I feature my personal favorite color combination – mustard, grey and black. Mustard color can work really well for coats, capes, jackets and accessories. You get to decide how much spiciness you want to add to your outfits this season.


Color Trends 2012-2013

Fuchsia is a trendy color for cocktail and evening dresses for fall-winter 2012-2013. So if you are contemplating what to wear to a wedding as a guest this season, you may consider this rich beautiful color for your outfit. Fuchsia color looks especially well on brunettes and red-headed. If you have pale skin and blond hair, you may want to consider lighter hues – such as light pink or light purple, which are also very trendy this season.  In this set romantic silk dress is combined with military-style coat to add some drama to the outfit. Sometimes, you come up with the most exclusive outfits when you experiment with combining different styles, fabrics and textures.


Color Trends 2012-2013

When you shop for some new outfits this season, keep in mind these trendy colors, but definitely go with what looks best on you. Part of being stylish is to know what accentuates your beauty. Many trendy colors of this season may be expected to stay in style for the next season as well; that is why you just need to go with something you will be excited to wear next fall as well.

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