Fashion Tips: Four Different Ways of Color Blocking

Fashion Tips: Four Different Ways of Color Blocking

As you probably already know, color blocking has been trending for several seasons in a row. Not only we have gotten a “green light” for wearing bright, vibrant, rich colors, but we have been also encouraged to experiment with color blocking and wear several bright colors combined in one outfit. What are the ways to block colors tastefully and elegantly? How can you pull off an outfit that is bright, dynamic and bold without looking too “parrot-y”? If you wear a bright dress what color should be your shoes and purse? What accessories to wear with bright-colored outfit? If these are the questions you would like to find some answers too, I encourage you to keep reading.  I have some suggestions for you, which can help you get started on color blocking. Here are the several things you can do when getting yourself into wonderful and bright world of color blocking.

Ways to Color Blocking

Wear contrasting color shoes. You can have a bright color outfit, where pieces of clothing are close in color or the same color. If you add a contrasting color shoes to the outfit, you look becomes so much more vibrant and interesting. Feel free to always add some white to your summer outfit: not only white is ever-trendy, but it goes well with all other colors. In an outfit like this, I would keep accessories quiet and modest, since the main accent would be on color blocking.

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking - Blue and Yellow

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking – Blue and Yellow


Ways to Color Blocking

Wear dress and shoes of the same color, but throw in a purse of a contrasting color. Coral dress and different hue coral shoes look fabulous together. The only thing is that you definitely need to add another color to an outfit like this. You can play really safe by wearing white or beige purse, and you would look absolutely stunning and elegant. But if you want to be bolder with color blocking, definitely go for contrasting color purse. Personally, coral and emerald combination is one of my favorites.

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking - Coral and Turquoise

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking – Coral and Turquoise


Ways to Color Blocking

Wear top and skirt of contrasting colors. Wearing a top and a skirt (or pants) of contrasting colors is another way of color blocking. For this set I added the shoes of the same color as the skirt. The orange bag matches the color of the top, but because it has the floral print, the whole outfit does not look too orange-y. As I mentioned earlier, there is no need to go overboard with accessories when the main accent is placed on color blocking.

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking - Orange and Cobalt

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking – Orange and Cobalt


Ways to Color Blocking

Wear shoes and bag of the same color with a monochrome dress. This set is an example of pastel color blocking. The combination of turquoise dress and light pink purse looks gorgeous. This outfit is not only about color blocking; there is also different style matching. Grecian dress and vintage purse is a bold combination which worked out really well. Neon pink shoes add some spice and brightness to the outfit, but because the shoes and the purse are the same colors (just different hues), the outfit looks very elegant and chic. Perl earrings and bracelet make the look classy and even more elegant. Personally, this is my favorite example of color blocking, and I would gladly wear an outfit like this for going out.

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking - Mint and Coral

Outfit Ideas on Color Blocking – Mint and Coral


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