Fashion Tips: How to Rock Leggings with Your Body Type

Fashion Tips: How to Rock Leggings with Your Body Type

If you have been wondering whether women of all body types can wear leggings, then you are not alone – I have been pondering the same topic myself.  I am excited to share with you that the answer is “yes”. Leggings can look chic and stylish on gals with different body shapes – the trick is to know how to dress for your body type. I have stumbled upon a great article “Leggings tips for all body types” at Whether you are hourglass-shaped or pear-shaped, whether you are petite or tall, keep reading to find out some crucial information on what to wear with leggings.

If you are tall then leggings are your best friend, and I will tell you why. Petite women can usually wear mini dresses without looking too exposed. Well this is not the case for tall gals – I speak from my own experience, and I always feel that a mini dress is too revealing for me. If you ever feel too self-conscious wearing a short dress, then pairing that dress with leggings can really help. You can also wear shirt dresses and tunic dresses with leggings. You see how much freedom a pair of leggings can give to a tall girl?


How to Rock Leggings with Your Body Type

If you are petite then you can go for a pair of jean leggings (jeggings) with riding boots. A pair of ankle booties is also an option – just make sure that the color of your footwear is close to the color of your jeggings – this will elongate your silhouette.


How to Rock Leggings with Your Body Type

If you are hourglass-shaped then you can pair your leggings with belted tunics – this will accentuate your waist and you feminine figure. You can go for one-colored tunic or a tunic with a small print. Avoid wearing printed top and printed leggings at the same time.


How to Rock Leggings with Your Body Type

If you are pear-shaped do not be afraid to wear leggings. You can wear leggings with tunic dresses – either bright-colored or printed to draw more attention to your upper body. Pair your tunic dress with a classy or jeans jacket or cardigan. Of course, make sure that your tunic is long enough to cover the buttocks and hips.


How to Rock Leggings with Your Body Type

Dressing for your body type is the key to looking elegant and beautiful. It is also a skill that anyone can acquire – with the right information on hand and lots of experimenting!

Source: “Leggings tips for all body types”

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