Fashion Tips: How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

Fashion Tips: How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

I have recently published the post on what kinds of boots are in style for this fall 2012. Given the popularity of the post, I decided to elaborate on boots 2012 theme. It is obviously impossible to cover all the latest fashion trends offered to us by the main fashion houses. I have created several sets just to give you an idea on how to wear boots this fall 2012 and how other major fashion trends can also be easily embraced for casual wearing.

Biker boots can give your outfit some contrast. Mixing items of different styles can result in a very interesting and telling looks. Of course, biker boots can be worn with a pair of jeans, a tee and a leather jacket – pretty much, classical biker’s outfit. If you match biker boots with some feminine romantic pieces, you get an expressive result. In this set the floral skirt and light beige sleeveless blouse get a new meaning when combined with contrasting style biker boots, the leather jacket and studded small purse.


How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

Ankle boots are ideal for creating romantic looks. Bowknots are trendy this fall. Contrary to the previous set, this look is all about very feminine clothing. Ankle boots like these are great for wearing with long skirts and for creating romantic and ladylike looks. In this set the main accent is of course this amazing maxi skirt, which is complimented by the bowknot romantic blouse, classy jacket and navy tote. By the way, navy continues to be trendy this fall 2012 as well.


How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

Ankle boots can also be worn with classy outfits. As you can see from this set, ankle boots can be very appropriate for wearing to an office, when worn with a pencil skirt and a shirt. Make sure your wear dark pantyhose– otherwise you risk making your legs look shorter. When you wear tights of matching color with ankle boots like these ones it elongates your leg lines.


How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

Ankle boots can be worn with midi-skirts. Since ankle boots are very practical and elegant, here is another look with them. This time they are worn with the midi skirt, the geometrical top and military-style jacket. Both, military style and geometrical prints are very trendy this fall-winter 2012-2013. So is red color, which, in the form of the clutch, gives that necessary brightness to the outfit. Again, if you apply the rule of wearing ankle boots with dark tights, you will make your legs look longer and slimmer.


How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

Knee boots with skinny jeans. Knee boots are one of the trendiest boots of the fall 2012. You can be very bold and wear your knee-high boots with harem pants as it was seen in Altuzarra’s fall 2012 collection. You can also settle for something less runway-looking and wear your knee boots with skinny jeans or pants. In this particular set I combined the boots with coated skinny jeans, geometrical shirt and oversize jacket. Have I mentioned that oversize jackets are one of the fall 2012 fashion trends? Yellow color has also been favored by the fashion designers this fall.


How to Wear Boots This Fall 2012

These are just the ideas on how to incorporate fall 2012 fashion trends and boots trends in your wardrobe. As always I encourage you to experiment with the items which appeal to your own taste and style in order to come up with telling and striking looks.

P.S: If you absolutely love the boots featured in the sets, you may want to check them out here. Also if you click on the small boots icons below the sets, it would bring you directly to the online store page that features the designer boots. Of course this fall you will see lots of similar style boots in mass-production lines, which are less expensive, but definitely, not less fab! Beyond The Rack has a great sale on REPORT and REPORT Signature boots starting today for couple of days.

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  1. Lucy Van Leonex

    Three of the four options you listed are ankle boots. For me what i call a boot is the kind of shoe that covers at least the calf, and that can extend even to the thigh. I’ve saw that this season the ankle boot empire is finally falling down, and knee high boots are returning to its throne. Now, the high heeled knee high boots come back, mixed especially with dresses and mid lenght skirts. Do you know somethig about that?

    1. Post author

      Thanks for your comment! You are right – there were lots of knee-high boots on the runways this season. Any of the sets presented here would also look great with knee-high boots. You will find some more information on boots in these articles:
      Fashion Trends: Boots 2013 – The Trendiest Boots of the Season
      Fashion Trends 2012-2013: What Kinds of Boots Are in Style?
      Hope this helps!

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