Fashion Tips: How to Wear Bracelets

Fashion Tips: How to Wear Bracelets

A fashionista knows how a piece of jewelry can make any outfit stand out. If you choose to wear a bracelet, it gives to the whole outfit a different interpretation. What are the major trends when it comes to bracelets? How to choose the right bracelet to wear with your outfit? How to combine bracelets together?

Bracelet is a big hit of summer, and it continues to be trendy throughout the upcoming seasons. There are many different types of bracelets to choose from; floral, bikers, thin bangles, ethnic, semi-precious stones, wood, woven and vintage bracelets are among the trendiest bracelets this season.

Combining several different bracelets and wearing them on one wrist is also one of the jewelry trends these seasons. When you choose what kind of bracelet to wear, you need to pay attention to how well the color of the bracelet goes with the colors of the whole outfit. It is also important that a bracelet matches the style of the outfit. For example, if you wear ethnic printed dress, a bracelet with an ethnic ornament would give that “final touch” to the whole look. If, for example, you want to take it further and wear several bracelets at once, a wooden bracelet would also work well with ethnic-style bracelets. Another option is to wear several ethnic-style bracelets all at once. Just play with the styles and colors to create that unique and unforgettable look. Keep in mind that mixing different styles in one outfit is also trendy, but is not something that a “jewelry beginner” can successfully do on her own.

Here are several ideas on how a bracelet can be that “final touch” to make the whole outfit look stylish and complete.

Contrasting color bracelet. As you can see the whole outfit features pretty much pastel colors: coral, light pink and beige. The bracelet also features pastel colors, but due to its colorfulness, it gives that necessary contrast to the outfit. When you wear pastel colors, a massive, attention-grabbing piece of jewelry is exactly what you need to create complete fashionable look.


How to Wear Bracelets

Matching style bracelet. In this outfit, the main accent is placed on the Aztec sequined silk-crepe top. To continue with ethnic theme, I have added the ethnic-style bracelet. Sometimes small item like a bracelet makes a big difference!


How to Wear Bracelets

Accentuating-style bracelet. Always think about what kind of image you are trying to achieve by choosing particular items for your outfit.  In this final set, the Rebecca Taylor Bombay printed silk dress creates very feminine and romantic image. When I added this lace cuff to the set, I thought to myself “This is it!” This was exactly what I was looking for to accentuate the femininity of the dress. On the contrary, you can also go with a contrasting-style bracelet to add an interesting twist to your look. For example, if I added a biker-style leather bracelet to this set, it would definitely have given some masculinity to the look. Doing that is like saying “I am not as fragile as it may seem”.


How to Wear Bracelets

As you can see there are no set rules on how to wear bracelets. One thing I know for sure is that any fashionista needs to have different style bracelets for creating unique unforgettable looks.  So make a fashion statement – wear a bracelet!

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