Fashion Tips: How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Fashion Tips: How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Leggings continue to be trendy this Fall-Winter 2012-2013 season, and many major fashion houses and mainstream commercial brands continue to offer leggings in their collections. I could see why leggings have been favored by fashion trend setters and, especially, by fashionistas. Leggings look great, when the whole outfit is properly pulled off. They are comfortable to wear, they are versatile, they keep your legs warm after all!

Leggings are neither pants, nor tights. They are more on the tights side though. That is why I would suggest that you think of leggings more as tights: you can wear them with any mini dress, sweater dress, shirt dress and mini skirt. Leggings which look more like tights are quite versatile, as you can throw them in many outfits – just for additional coziness and warmth during this colder season.

Some of the leggings designed to look more like skinny pants or jeans – they are made from thicker fabrics and have some additional attributes – such as pockets, zippers, leather applications and buttons. You may pair this type of leggings with long shirts, cardigans and blazers.  Always make sure though, that your tops are long enough to cover your buttocks. Here are several ideas on how to wear leggings this fall-winter 2012-2013.

With a mini skirt, a blouse and short jacket. This look combines several trends of the season such as black-and-white printed skirt, orange and dark blue colors. A thick fabric skirt like this would look great with leggings. Make sure that your leggings go beyond your ankle boots line, so there is no skin showing. By wearing your mini skirt, a matching color leggings and ankle boots this way, you make your legs look even longer.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

With a sweater dress and oversized coat. Sweater dresses are perfect for wearing with leggings. Because of the short length of sweater dresses, your legs may look too revealed. That is when leggings come in very handy. This season’s trend – oversized coats – will work well with leggings, since it will give some volume to the silhouette. As for footwear, either knee-high boots or ankle boots are suitable for wearing with leggings.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

With a short dress and fitted jacket. You may want to combine your short dress with leggings and fitted blazer for a classier look. Again, there are several Fall-Winter 2012-2013 trends which have worked really well together in this set: over-the-knee boots, red color, knit dress and layering.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

With a sweater dress and vest. Fur vests are big this season, and they can come really handy for styling up your outfit with leggings. In this set trendy burgundy color adds sophistication and chic to the look.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

With a sweater dress and tweed coat. In this set, trendy tweed coat adds some coziness to the look, while bikers boots bring some conflict. Clash of styles is something you can experiment with for creating unforgettable and telling looks. As you can see, in this look the conflict between the romantic dress, the cozy tweed coat and bikers boots turned out to be both edgy and stylish.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

With a short dress and trench coat. This set gives you an example of how leggings can be actually worn as tights. You can easily go for tights instead of leggings in this outfit, and it will not look as something is missing. No doubts, leggings add an interesting twist to the look.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

With a long top and a cardigan. As I mentioned earlier, some leggings do look as skinny pants, and in this case you can wear them with long shirts and cardigans. I would not suggest though replicating this look without a cardigan – because you may be at risk of looking too sporty – as if you just have gotten out of a dance class. When it comes to wearing leggings, think layering – to keep it stylish and chic.


How to Wear Leggings This Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Fall-Winter season offers lots of opportunities to experiment with your outfits; there are many fashion trends to explore and adapt to your own taste and style. Incorporating leggings into your outfits is just one of the ways to adapt current fashion trends to your own taste and styles. There are so many other fashion trends to explore. Make sure to check out the most recent post on ways to wear leggings.

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  1. BE

    Lovely ideas! Chic and sensible! And qualitatively superior to in comparison to a great deal that is posted on the web. Thank you!

  2. mylamyla

    i just want to ask i have my winter dress very dark blue with red round all over,and wear with inner dark blue also,,and block boots,,,do you think if i will wear with beige legging it will coming nice to or no?

    1. Post author

      Hello Mylamyla,
      Thanks for the question! I would say – go with your inner sense of style. If you combine your dress with beige legging and you are second guessing your decision, then, probably, you should not go for it. But if you feel comfortable and like what you see in the mirror, I would say – go for it. Personally, I prefer dark color for leggings, just because they make your legs look longer and slimmer, and who wouldn’t like that?! If, for example, you wear dark winter dress and similar color boots, beige legging in between would “cut” your figure in the middle and make it look shorter. You may want to try lighter color dress with your beige legging, so they look blended together. Hope this helps. And thank you for reading!

  3. Becky

    I totally love all these suggestions for how to wear leggings, both the color combonations and selections of boots or ankle boots.

    Do you think all of these styles can be worn without socks?

    So far, Ive tried a look based on your first two booties and boots, without socks, and it worked fine and looked great. Do you think it would work for all of them?

    1. Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Becky! Leggings should be worn without socks if you combine them with ankle booties or flats. If you wear them with boots, then you can wear socks (this will not show anyway;)). I hope this helps! Thanks a lot for reading!

  4. sue

    Hiya loving your ideas, what could I wear with sky blue n light purple leggings? Ideally flat boots/shoes but don’t no what colour would go best with them.

    1. Post author

      Hello Sue,
      Thank you for reading! There are so many colors you could try with your sky blue and light purple leggings! It seems to me that the colors of your leggings are close to pastels; that is why any pastel color will do, – especially, light coral, light yellow, or mint. I would also go for nude colors for the flats – they will suit any bold color combination you would choose for your outfit. You may want to check out this recent article – there is an outfit idea on how to wear pastels “Fashion Trends 2013: Trendiest Colors Of Spring-Summer 2013”. There are also couple of posts from archive worth reading: “Fashion Tips: How to Wear Pastel Jeans” and “Fashion Trends 2012: How to Wear Trendy Pastel Colors”.

      Tunics made from light fabrics are really big this Spring-Summer 2013. Instead of something one color, you could also go for some printed tunics. Hope this help!


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