Fashion Tips: What to Wear With Leggings

Fashion Tips: What to Wear With Leggings

Although leggings are for casual and comfortable wearing, pulling off the whole outfit with leggings together is not easy. Leggings are tricky, because they are not pants and they are not tights, so there are some rules which apply particularly to what to wear with leggings.  If leggings are not worn with proper pieces of clothing, the whole look can end up being lazy and sloppy. I have done some serious research, and I will gladly share the dos and don’ts of wearing leggings.

#1: Wear leggings with short dresses. Leggings can be our best friends, when we want to wear short dresses, but we are hesitating. Here when leggings can come really handy, because they can be very flattering to our legs, and any short dress is not as revealing anymore when combined with leggings.  Leggings will compliment a kaftan dress, as it is demonstrated in this set. Although for illustration purposes I used the black leggings for all five looks, I believe that dark navy leggings would work as well in this set.

What to Wear with Leggings - Short Dress

What to Wear with Leggings – Short Dress


#2: Wear leggings with long shirts. Just because leggings are considered the “sisters” of tights, it does not mean that they can be worn with dresses only.  Leggings can be worn with long shirts. The crucial rule of wearing leggings is to always wear a top that covers your butt and goes slightly further. In this particular set, leggings are combined with long white shirt, and the bright accessories of warm color make the look dressy and elegant.

What to Wear with Leggings - Long Shirt

What to Wear with Leggings – Long Shirt


#3: Do not wear leggings as jeans.  Although there is a great similarity between skinny jeans and leggings, it is very inappropriate to wear leggings with short tops. In this set leggings are combined with long top and white denim jacket. It is important that the top is long enough to pass the buttocks. The denim jacket, the bag, the hat and this particular top all create the “rodeo” look.

What to Wear with Leggings - Long Sleeveless Shirt

What to Wear with Leggings – Long Sleeveless Shirt


#4: Wear leggings with denim. Here is another example of how leggings can be worn with denim jacket. The bright color necklace, as well as flats and big purse make the look summery and fresh. At the same time this look is super comfortable.

What to Wear with Leggings - Denim

What to Wear with Leggings – Denim


#5: Wear leggings with long cardigan. Long cardigans are great for wearing with leggings. You can also add a thin belt to the outfit to accentuate your waistline. Personally, I love the presence of turquoise color in this set. I believe that brown or beige leggings would look even better here. The golden color bracelet and the bag, which features three colors, complete the outfit by making it sophisticated. The platform ankle boots go really well with this particular outfit. As a rule of thumb, flats are very appropriate to wear with leggings. If you decide to wear leggings with heels, be careful not to look too 80s. By the way, no-heels high boots are also great for wearing with leggings.

What to Wear with Leggings- Long Cardigan

What to Wear with Leggings- Long Cardigan


When shopping for leggings, do not limit yourself to black color; dark navy, beige and brown leggings can be as versatile, if not more, than black ones. There are so many choices available when it comes to buying leggings. I would strongly suggest avoiding shiny fabrics. Also avoid wearing cropped leggings since they are not flattering for any legs, because they make the legs look shorter.  If you are planning to wear leggings mostly with dresses, thin stretchy fabrics for leggings may be what you are looking for. Go with thicker and more luxurious-looking fabrics if you are combining leggings with tunics, long shirts and cardigans.

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  1. Alexandra

    I was just browsing through the web, and I saw this post – it’s really helpful. I love the set with the kaftan dress-I always wear my leggings with dresses

    1. Post author

      Hi Ellen,
      It all depends on the style you are looking for and the budget you have in mind. Check out, they have nice shirt dresses on sale currently under Sales section. I’d also check Amazon and Beyond The Rack. Hope this helps, and thanks for the question!

  2. Teresa U

    Does body type affect leggings as a wardrobe choice? (As in, should certain body types avoid leggings?)

    1. Post author

      Hello Teresa,
      Thank you for the question! I would say that body type does affect leggings as wardrobe choice. Leggings are going to really show if thighs are in shape or out of shape. Since thighs are usually the “problem zone” for many ladies, I would say that leggings are much more unflattering than jeans or pants. On the other hand, leggings can even be worn with skirts, which is a safe option for those ladies who are too self-conscious about their legs.
      Hope this helps!

  3. China

    I bought some dark brown leggings wht kind of top? Should I wear and color would a light ornage top look good?

    1. Post author

      Hello China,
      Thanks for the question. You have made a great investment – dark brown leggings are very versatile! Yes – they will look really great with orange top. Blue, yellow, emerald and red also look really nice with brown. Brown is a basic color, so you just can’t go wrong combining it with a bright-colored top. Even beige or white would work with brown as well.

    1. Lena

      Hello Maria,
      Thanks for the question. Navy blue leggings are very versatile. Depending on your likes/dislikes you can combine them with cardigans or long sweaters of basic colors, such as beige, brown and even white. If you want to go for some vibrant colors, red, orange and mustard would also look nice with navy blue.

    1. Lena

      Hello Neha,
      Thank you for the question! You can wear any basic color leggings: brown, black, navy and even beige (beige is not that easy to find though). Personally, I would most likely to go with dark navy to combine with a brown top. It would be great if you choose to wear some warm-colored accessories to brighten things up, such as orange, red or yellow purse/scarf/statement necklace. Hope this helps;)

  4. Sierra

    Hey Lena,
    I love your fashion sense! And I hope you dont mind if I asked a question. I have a really cute pair of dark brown leggings and was wondering if a light grey tank top and a white Shaw to go over it would look okay? Im stressing out about the light grey tank top. Is it too much? Would it look alittle tacky with dark drown leggings? I need your help!

    1. Lena

      Hello Siera,
      There is nothing wrong with going all-neutral-colored outfit! I honestly do not see why you would hesitate to combine dark brown and dark grey. I advise to go with bright-colored accessory to spice things up and add some color though! Fuchsia tote, spring green scarf, yellow keds… not all of these items at once of course! And these are only suggestion. I am pretty sure you will find something that is totally your taste and preference! I hope this helps. Thank you for reading. XOXO
      Lena L

  5. tina

    i have a very skinny top leg and Jeans unless straight leg do not look good……..i am 5ft 5″ but
    think i should stay away from all jeans……..(my knees show rather bony )……..would i be better
    off in the (new baggy look)……..around the middle pockets & gathers drawstring nd tapered
    narrow to the ankle…………..i am only 110lbs and over 70..petite……i tried this look & liked it
    with various tie front tops (loose fitting)………..would appreciate your advice………not feeling
    comfortable in jeans (lost about 10lbs………..still strive to look chic……my mother always said:
    “you are always on stage… the best look you can be” thank u

  6. Angie

    Just found your legging posts and I really appreciate them ! Answered all the questions I didn’t even knew I had ! Love leggings, so comfy but could never figure out the rest – now I will be retreading these ! Excellent detail . Thanks again ! Sincerely

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