Fashion Trends 2013: Hottest Jeans Trends You Need to Know About

Fashion Trends 2013: Hottest Jeans Trends You Need to Know About

Which fashionista can imagine her closet without a pair of jeans at all? A pair of jeans is such an irreplaceable item in every woman’s wardrobe. Every year there is still something new (or well-forgotten old) and exciting happening in denim world. Along with classy dark blue jeans, the staple of every wardrobe, ripped, embellished, colored, cropped jeans are making their ways into fashionistas’ clothing.

According to article “Denim Trends Fall-Winter 2012-2013”, this season among the major jeans trends are:

Colored jeans. Colored jeans are a great alternative to regular jeans, and it looks as they are not going to be out of style any time soon. In summer time many fashionistas “cheated” on their regular blue jeans by going for pastel or bright colored jeans. During colder seasons you could go for richer colors, such as burgundy, dark emerald and cobalt.

hottest jeans trends - colored jeans


Ripped jeans. Ripped jeans, jackets and shirts are really big this season. To downplay the laid-back mood that ripped jeans may imply, you can wear them with a blouse and jacket and add some attention-grabbing accessories. Obviously, you shouldn’t wear ripped jeans to work even on dress-down days. I would leave this kind of denim for casual outings with friends, going to a beach or for a walk.

hottest jeans trends - ripped jeans

Denim jacket. Denim jacket has made its comeback. This time around it has more versatility; you can wear it over dressy shirts, blouses and even an evening dress. When you combine items which do not seem to match, you can come with quite impressive results.

hottest jeans trends- denim jacket

Double denim. You have probably heard the rule to avoid wearing double denim, but this season fashion designers are demonstrating that “rules are to be broken” – especially in the world of fashion. If you are bold enough to go against “no double denim” rule, make sure to pair different kinds of denim. Your jeans jacket and pants may vary in fabric, color and even prints. The result of breaking this rule can be quite interesting.

hottest jeans trends - double denim

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