Fashion Trends 2013: Trendiest Colors Of Spring-Summer 2013

Fashion Trends 2013: Trendiest Colors Of Spring-Summer 2013

The natural question which rises every time new fashion season comes is “What colors are in style this season?” This post is going to introduce you to the major color trends 2013 along with other hottest trends of the season. If you have been wondering, what are the trendiest colors of Spring-Summer 2013, keep reading – you will find the answer to your question.

Pastel colors continue to be trendy this season! Yay! Feel free to go for those sweet, feminine, gentle hues of lavender, light coral, baby blue and mint. Do not be afraid to combine several pastels in one outfit. As you can see from this set, experimenting with combining several pastel colors can bring an interesting outcome. By the way, mint is one of the hottest colors of the season!


Trendiest Colors For Spring-Summer 2013

Warm Colors such as red, fuchsia, peony and orange have been all over the catwalks this season. When wearing such a bright, attention-grabbing color as this one, you can be as minimalistic as possible. As you can see this dress lacks any kind of embellishments and except for being asymmetric, the lines are simple.


Trendiest Colors For Spring-Summer 2013

Among cold colors, there are all shades of green and blue, including this luxurious cobalt, which has been the hit of many seasons in a row. Lace continues to be trendy as well. In this set lace feminine dress is combined with jeans jacket – another trend of the season. Color blocking high heeled sandals and blue patent hand bag contribute to the finished look.


Trendiest Colors For Spring-Summer 2013

Of course, we just can’t do it without basic colors, such as nude, khaki, grey, black and white. Here comes another lace dress – with a pleated skirt this time around. A feminine light dress like this looks quite interesting with a silk bomber jacket – another trendy item of Spring-Summer 2013 season. To add some playfulness to the set I chose the jacket to be printed. Color blocking purse goes really well with the colors of the outfit.


Trendiest Colors For Spring-Summer 2013

For someone who longs for bright colors this Spring-Summer 2013 season, there are neon colors, such as neon green, neon yellow, neon orange etc. In this set the neon brightness is kept to the shoes and the purse – something you may want to do, if you are afraid to wear bright neon outfit. Even though the brightness of the outfit is downplayed by the dark blue skirt, the whole look is still pretty playful and summery!


Trendiest Colors For Spring-Summer 2013

When dressing up for an office environment you can still incorporate some bold color combinations. As you can see from this set, purple and emerald work really well together for a classy combination of shirt and pencil skirt. By the way pencil skirts are really big this season as well! In this particular set, I chose the sheer purple shirt, since sheer fabrics, again, have been favored this Spring-Summer season by many designers. Because of the sheer fabric, this set would be rather more suitable for after-work cocktail party than for an office. If you go with non-sheer material, you get yourself a really trendy outfit for an office.


Trendiest Colors For Spring-Summer 2013

I hope that this post has shed some light on the topic of the trendiest colors for Spring-Summer 2013 season. As a general rule of thumb, pastel and basic colors are more suitable for ladies with light hair and pale skin, while bright and cold colors look especially well on those with darker hair and skin tones. But, as I said, it is a very general rule, and there are definitely so many exceptions when it comes to choosing colors for your own unique appearance. Also, you can always introduce some bold bright colors in the form of accessory – this is actually one of the safest and least expensive ways to style up your look!

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