The Fashion Trends 2014 You’ll Either Love or Despise

The Fashion Trends 2014 You’ll Either Love or Despise

There are some fashion trends 2014 that you will either love or despise – there is nothing in between. These trends are so unique, daring and flamboyant, that you just cannot feel indifferent about them. I think, that most fashionistas will find themselves in love-or-hate relationships with these trends.

Unusual Fashion Trends 2014

As presented them to us, it allows us to take a poll, and see how other fashionable ladies feel about these unusual fashion trends 2014. Among them are:

boots worn with socks;


sheer weeding dresses (presented at Barcelona’s Bridal Week);

hairbands with crescents (from Chanel Resort 2015 collection and many more!

Curious to check them all out and see where you stand on these unusual fashion trends 2014? You may be surprised to discover that you are not that fast-fashion oriented as you thought you were. Personally, I would not consider trying out most of them myself… except, may be, for Perl-embellished footwear, aerial yoga, stunning sheer wedding dress and social-media-inspired fashion. On the other hand, I know that what once considered extraordinary has quickly become the mainstream in fashion.

Fashion Trends 2014 - Perl Embelished Booties

Perl Embelished Booties Fashion Trend 2014

Fashion Trends 2014 - Sheer Wedding Dress - Barcelona Bridal Week 2014

Sheer Wedding Dress – Barcelona Bridal Week 2014

Fashion Trends 2014 Social Media Inspired T-shirt

Social Media Inspired Fashion 2014

You can take the poll yourself by clicking here. Do let me know in your comments how you feel about these emerging trends 2014!

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