Fashion Trends: Are Hair Highlights Still in Style?

Fashion Trends: Are Hair Highlights Still in Style?

All of a sudden I decided to find out if hair highlights are still in style. I just heard it somewhere that hair highlights have gone out of style, and I wanted to know if it was true. As much as I tried I did not find an article or any post that would state that highlights are out of style. Moreover, I found out that blonde is one of the hottest color trends of 2012 (along with ombre and bright hues, such as red).

If you want to go blonde, there are just so many things to consider nowadays. It is not as simple as just bleaching your hair. Actually, you need to carefully prepare yourself for a drastic color change. You need to take into consideration your skin tone and your natural hair color. There are several main pointers that I discovered while searching for an answer to the question if highlights are still in style.

#1: If you want to completely dye your hair into platinum blonde, make sure it is right for you. As a rule of thumb, you need to identify whether you have pale skin tone. If you have that type of skin that gets easily burned by sun versus getting nice tan, then you do have the pale tone, and you are very likely to look great with platinum blonde hair. If your skin is olive, you may or you may not look good going platinum blonde. But there are some alternatives to platinum blonde, so keep reading.

#2: If you are not sure whether blonde color will suite your type, go with highlights no more than two tones lighter than your natural color. This may not be as drastic change as you had in mind, but what matters is the end result. It is important to get salon-kind-of-look, that appears very natural at the same time.

#3: To avoid unnatural highlights, use at least two different shades of highlights. Turned out, the highlights look great, when your hair stylist creates layers of different color tones – light, medium and darker tones of blonde. Moreover, there are several major highlighting techniques, and, of course, the end result depends on the technique that your hair stylist uses. Remember I said that it is not as simple as just bleaching your hair? So here it comes. The major highlighting techniques are:

-traditional foil highlights;

– newer, edgier “balayage” (this is also referred to as “painting” by hair style professionals, when highlights are done by a brush without using foil, which, supposedly, creates a more natural hair look);

– non-traditional highlights (when roots are left out, and very thin highlights are done at around hairline, giving an impression that your hair ends were just lightened from being exposed to too much sun).

Turns out “balayage” and non-traditional highlights require not-so-frequent visits to a hair salon versus going with traditional foil highlights; the growing roots are less conspicuous and more naturally looking with these new highlighting techniques.

Ladies, whoever tells you that highlights are out of style, do not believe that person. There are always so many options to choose from when it comes to trendy hair colors and highlighting, and, as you can see, hair trends just become more and more sophisticated. On the other hand, it boils down to one thing – if you love what you see in the mirror, you have picked the right hair style… or hair stylist!

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