The Hottest Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014

The Hottest Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014

If you are going to clothes shopping any time soon and you want to know the hottest fashion colors for fall-winter 2013-2014 season, this post has been written particularly for you. I hear you, dear fashionista – no wonder we sometimes feel lost in this amount of information on what are the hottest trends of the season. I am going to share with you what are the trendiest colors of this season. One thing I know for sure – with this great variety of styles, fabrics and colors, any fashionista will find something that speaks directly to her.

If you are a big fan of base colors for colder seasons, such as chocolate, grey, beige, khaki, white and ivory, I have great news for you – base colors are always trendy, since they are the staples of any wardrobe. Grey color has been really huge this season, favored by many designers.


Fashion Color Trends For Fall-Winter 2014


Whitest white outfit from head to toes is also the hit of the season! This fall designers refused the idea of giving up white outfits after the summer was over. With all the fall-winter 2013-2014 collections featuring white color, world fashion trend setters encourage us to follow through!


Fashion Color Trends For Fall-Winter 2014


Craving for some chocolate these colder days? Why not realize your craving into something bigger, such as chocolate-y outfit? Personally I just love love this combination of chocolate and pine color, which by the way is also one of the hottest colors for fall-winter 2013-2014 season.


Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014


There are some more appetising colors for you to try this season, such as tomato, red orange and sweet potato. What could be better than these delish colors for tuning in with nature in the fall season?


Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014


Mustard is one of the colors which stays trendy season after season. If mustard colored coat sounds like a lot “to digest”, you can always add some spiciness to your fall outfits with mustard color accessories!


Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014


This fall-winter 2013-2014 powder pink color has been really huge! Even though a powder pink coat looks like an interesting choice, I should warn you – this color trend may be very short-lived.


Fashion Color Trends For Fall-Winter 2014


If you prefer some colder colors, there is a huge selection of trendiest fashion colors to choose from: pine, peacock, loden and burgundy.


Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014


Have I mentioned all shades of blue – cobalt, moody blue and ink included?


Fashion Color Trends For Fall-Winter 2014


Color blocking is also something you can really start experimenting with (if you haven’t done so yet). For example, peacock and ink color combination looks like an interesting one to try.


Fashion Colors For Fall-Winter 2013-2014


Base colors such as beige, grey and chocolate can be elegantly combined with any trendy cold colors. And if you ever wonder how to style things up during these colder months, do not be afraid to go for some bright accessories in those trendy delicious colors I mentioned earlier!

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