Crazy Style Ideas from Susie Bubble You Would Never Try

Crazy Style Ideas from Susie Bubble You Would Never Try

Susie Bubble’s style is anything but conventional. It’s never a good idea to copy someone else’s style. It is always a good idea though to make a mental note of dressing style that comes from fashion icons. Personally, I would never copy Susie Bubble’s style. But what I like about her is she is not afraid to make most extraordinary fashion statements (skirt over dress) and she owns them. She has gotten thousands of followers who appreciate her for that daring attitude and sincere voice.

Let’s take a look at what makes up Susie Bubble’s style.

Prints, Prints and Prints

Forget about mixing 2 different prints together. Susie Bubble breaks that fashion rule by taking mixing prints to the next level. Please tell me it inspires you to try mixing at least 2 prints in your next outfit.

Susie Bubble at Jason Wu SS2015 mixing prints outfit

Susie Bubble at Jason Wu SS2015

Susie Bubble mixing prints in her outfit

Susie Bubble mixing prints in her outfit

Bright Colors

Bright and sunny! That’s how I feel when looking at Susie’s outfits. Someone in London UK needs to compensate for foggy and rainy days. Am I right? Again – tons of colors just in one outfit.

Susie Bubble wearing bright color skirt and purse

Susie Bubble wearing bright color skirt and purse

Susie Bubble wearing pink and blue

Susie Bubble wearing pink, blue and purple

Socks with Sandals or Oxfords

I have written on socks with sandals trend before in “7 Cool Ways to Rock Sock with Sandals Trend”. If you are looking for socks with sandals outfit ideas, look no further than this iconic fashion blogger.






Oh layering! It kills two birds with one stone – makes you look fashionable (runway fashionable if done properly) and keeps you warmer in colder seasons! A skirt over pants (more on this in my previous post), jackets, coats, skirt over dress (!), dress over pants, skirt over shorts, T-shirt over suit  – Susie Bubble has done them all and keeps reinventing new ways of layering.













Susie Bubble wearing dress over skirt

Susie Bubble wearing dress over a skirt

I hope this extraordinary Susie Bubble’s style has inspired you to be bold and daring with your outfits in your own unique way. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you are wearing you are not going to own it! That reminds me of a compliment I received from a stranger the other day. I was wearing a dress with leopard and flowery prints mixed together. The dress is also a bit princess-y like with puffy skirt. A stranger in an elevator told me: “I love your dress by the way. It’s better than wearing all black as I do”. I replied: “Thank you. I know I am a bit overdressed for work”. His reply was – “You look totally comfortable with that”. And that was true.

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