Plus-Size Fashion – How To Dress For Your Body Type

Plus-Size Fashion – How To Dress For Your Body Type

Some full-figured women may not like their curvy shapes, and try to hide them under the wide skirts, shapeless sweaters or loose overalls. It is such a common misconception that we have to cover our beautiful shapes instead of emphasizing them! Nevertheless, even if your clothes are “plus-size”, you can dress really fashionably and stylishly, and look absolutely fab! However, the choice of clothes will depend on your figure type. So, let’s have a look at secrets looking fabulous and chic when dressing for your body type.

5 Secrets Of Dressing For Pear-Shaped Figure

Women with pear-shaped figure have more weight on their lower body, and here are their best options for choosing outfits.

  1. Prefer boat-necked dresses or without shoulder, with a yoke, wide collars, puffed sleeves, short necklace.
  2. Horizontal stripes on top, vertical stripes below.
  3. The lines radiating from the waist up (V-neckline, long beads).
  4. Light-colored top and dark-colored bottom.
  5. Emphasize your waist! A bright- or dark-colored belt will come in really handy, and make your outfit complete.
Plus-Size Fashion Asos 2014

Plus-Size Fashion Asos 2014

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Secrets Of Dressing For Inverted Triangular Shape

  1. Dresses with wide oval neckline.
  2. Massive accessories.
  3. Dark top and light bottom.
  4. The lines radiating from the waist down (flared pants and skirts).
  5. It is ideal to hand carry your purse/clutch/bag to divert attention from the wider top
Plus-Size Fashion How To Dress For Your Body Type - Inverted Triangle

Plus-Size Fashion How To Dress For Your Body Type – Inverted Triangle

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There are always exceptions to the rules, but here are the common recommendations for choosing clothing for full-figured woman.

Dos And Don’ts For Full-Figured Women

            Say Firm “NO” To:

  • Too tight and too spacious clothes
  • Skirts with elastic
  • Tapering down clothes
  • Shiny fabrics, rhinestones and sequins
  • Shoulder pads
  • Pleating


            Say Yoyful “YES” To:

  • Length below the knees
  • Skirts and dresses with a slit on the side
  • Elongated cardigans and vests – you can combine them even with skinny pants
  • White and bright colors
  • Classic pumps – pointed shoes with thin flat heels
  • Capris – jeans, cotton and silk.

This season designers prefer to cultivate femininity, tenderness, harmony and beauty. There are plus-size fashion brands (Fashion To Figure) and brands who recently started targeting curvy women (ASOS, Mango). Wow! Finally all curvy ladies got a chance to be in trend, because we ARE feminine, tender, harmonious and beautiful too! I believe, that any woman can and has to look beautiful and stylish, and it absolutely does not matter what height and weight she has!

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