What Are My New Year Resolutions 2018

What Are My New Year Resolutions 2018

Following my previous post on How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions I am at my notebook today to “walk the talk”. By doing that I am tackling the first secret – Write Your Goals Down. Here is my list of New Year Resolutions 2018.

Practice Yoga


I want to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy an hour of hot yoga on every Saturday and Sunday morning. Yes, I hear you – three times per week would be so much better. But I am being realistic with my time and other commitments. Hot yoga on the weekend seems to perfectly fit my schedule.

Learn Spanish


As I mentioned in my previous post on New Year Resolutions, I commit to listening to Spanish podcasts and doing some Spanish Busuu application exercise during my train commute.  I did doze out while listening to Spanish podcasts on my train at the time I was super tired after work. But I still can say with confidence – I have been disciplined with getting my dose of Daily Spanish. On a side note, for all of other foreign language learners out there, I find Busuu application is one of the best for learning a new language. I am not being paid to write it here (I wish was though!)

Read a Fiction Book a Month


We leave in the era of short attention span.  The shorter the message the more likely it is to come across. Of course, I am also guilty of mindless reading of short articles being suggested on Facebook. That is why my commitment is to start reading real books. I do listen to Blinklist audiobooks. Obviously, I cannot substitute real reading with listening to the summaries, and that’s why I have this goal on my list.

Continue Blogging


Writing makes me happy and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. It’s surprising that I still need to be disciplined and constantly push myself to stay consistent with blogging. I have decided that Tuesday night after work will be my blogging night. Have a support buddy here who wants to stay consistent with their blogging as well will not hurt either!

Focus on the Present Moment


We all know we live in the world of constant distractions in the form of social media notifications, messages, e-mails etc. I want to commit to being present more often and focus on what I am currently doing. I know I usually check my phone pretty often, well, constantly. I want to commit to not doing that while I am doing all the things that I listed above. My plan is to not to keep my phone close while blogging, reading a book, practicing Spanish. Well, if I attempt to check my phone while being in my Hot Yoga class I am afraid I may end up being kicked out of the class. I don’t wish for that to happen.

P.S: I also enjoy painting and I wanted to put it on my New Year Resolutions 2018 list. I want to be realistic at the same time. If after all of this I still have time to indulge painting, I will consider my secrets of sticking to New Year Resolutions the ultimate secrets of all times. And yes – I have already started doing all of them in December.

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